Saturday, September 20, 2014

Can't Even Tell You Her Name

 photo boo_zpsfb881cb7.jpg
Cameras scare her so 
this is the best picture I could capture.

To protect the dog, I can't even tell you her name or from what state she came.

Due to our previous rescue work, our kennel was selected to rescue eight dogs from a bad situation. It did not happen this year. The dogs were very sick, dirty, wormy, infected, and were not use to being handled by humans. Evidently a man had abused them too because they all hated men...until Clint and my boys worked with them. Two of them were pregnant when they arrived. Three of them died shortly afterwards due to their condition.

This dog is the last one we have left, and she will have a forever home here. The only people she really trusts are me and Amanda. My other children have been taught not to approach her. The dog's mind is so twisted from being penned in such tight quarters that she feels unsafe when she is in a larger area. It has taken a lot of time to get her to adjust to a 10x20 pen and time to run free.

In her early days, this dog bit me more times than I can remember. Oh yeah, I bled. She is still jumpy, so when I am working with her, I frequently plead, "Don't bite me, sweetie!" I understand her fear because I know where she came from and what she suffered at the hands of other people. 

There's a lesson here we can apply to people relationships as well. If you invest yourself and take the time to get to know something or someone, you understand their behavior better which can help you respond in a gentle manner.