Friday, September 05, 2014

Cornish Cross and Delaware Chick Size Difference

 photo jumbocornishvsdelaware_zpsff48f0d7.jpg

This is a Jumbo Cornish Cross (JCX), a hybrid meat chicken, and a Delaware, a dual purpose chicken.  They are two weeks old in the picture above. They were both hatched on the same day and shared a brooder.  They were on the same feed.  The gap between them becomes even more noticeable as time passes.  The JCX is also known as a broiler. This is the hybrid that is mass produced for grocery stores.  The JCX sit in front of the feeder all day long. They grow so fast; they can die due to heart attacks. To prevent that, we take away their feed in the evening to give their bodies a rest. They are butchered at 8-10 weeks which is a very fast turn around compared to other breeds. When these birds are pastured, this breed is a very economical way to get organic meat.

 photo chickencomparison2_zps6c321330.jpg
same breeds, same age, same feeding protocol