Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Joshua and Bethany!

I had you on the same day, four years apart...both of you were hurricane babies, both of you weighed 8 lbs, 13 ounces, and both of you had the same jet black ultra fine baby hair.

Joshua Durant, your name means God's salvation endures. As your father can tell you, I knew from the Lord that you were going to be a boy before doctors told me. I told your Daddy that God was sending us a son named Joshua, and our next child was going to be named Caleb. From then on, I called you by name while talking, singing, and reading to you in the womb. After you were born and sent to be weighed and cleaned, the nurses brought you back to me. As soon as I spoke your face lit up with joy and recognition! You have had a smile on your face ever since! You are growing ...and growing ...and growing into a responsible young man with strong morals. I can't believe you are taller than me and Amanda now! You work hard and are eager to lend a hand when you see where one is needed. From "spontaneously" learning how to read at three years old to now, you have excelled in your school work. You are quick to tell me when something needs my attention and do whatever you can to lessen my workload. You are a delight!
Bethany Hope, you were born during the hurricane that damaged our home. I felt horrible bringing a newborn baby home to that, but I had other children that needed me there to look after them. I cleaned up that mess and held you when I needed a break. Holding you reminded me of God's promise to provide and calmed my spirit. You have been a peaceful, happy child, and have given me so much joy. Your gentle and meek disposition is part of your inner beauty. I am so thankful for your willing and helpful spirit. You are three years ahead academically which shows you have great mind. You fill our home with beauty and often remind me in different ways of both of your grandmothers. You have a strong sense of right and wrong and try your best to do the right thing. You also encourage and instruct others in what is right and pleasing in the sight of the Lord. That will be a blessing to you and those who know you as you grow. You are so good with your little sisters and try to include them in everything you can. You are precious to me!

You are unique but similar, and God has a great plan with a mighty purpose for you both. Always stick close to Him, and let Him lead you in life. You have each given your daddy and me so many wonderful moments! Our family is stronger and richer because of both of you. I hope you enjoyed our gang taking you to see Switchfoot, We as Human, Manafest, Peter Furler Band, and the other bands and speakers at the Centreville Awakening Fest

Happy, happy birthday Joshua and Bethany!
Dad and I love you very, very much and are thankful you are in our lives!