Monday, September 29, 2014

My New Incubator

Five years ago, we kept a freezer from being tossed into the landfill. Clint repurposed it into an incubator. We had an 80-90% hatch rate (of fertile eggs) which, for those who don't know. is very good. We stored it in the barn during one winter and lost it in the barn fire.

This year, Clint built me a new one. He's actually building me three. Two of them will be in the side by side fridge/freezer below.

 photo incubator1_zpsec5fa738.jpg
This is a fridge we bought in great used condition for $150 and used as a second fridge for our large family for a good while. We repurposed it to keep it out of the landfill.
We are using a ceramic heater from an old reptile tank and computer fan for forced air circulation.

 photo incubator2_zpse28be2b0.jpg
type J thermocouple
phased out, so also headed for the landfill
The wood was in our wood shed which we fill with any scraps we feel we can reuse.
The wire was from another project too.

 photo incubator3_zps5c1cf925.jpg
lever raises and lowers the front of the racks for egg rotation
scrap wire

 photo incubator4_zps78c5b8ff.jpg
pulling this lever up and down shifts the egg racks
no need to open the door

 photo incubator5_zps31c8c95f.jpg
The brain is a process controller.
It was destined for the landfill too.

This one side of the fridge turned incubator will hold 600 chicken eggs.
If you click that link, you will see Clint's awesome skills have saved us a pretty penny!