Monday, September 08, 2014

My Thoughts Exactly

"I could have not had 10 children. It’s easy to prevent them. ... 

I keep coming back to this: all those things are self-centered things that completely disregard the eternal hand of God in my family, in this, my short life. And I am called to not set my mind on things of the earth so much.
I could have chosen to be less tired. I could. I could have chosen to have more free time or a firmer tummy. I could be living a whole different life right now, with just two almost-grown children.
But it would have been what I chose. And I can make really bad choices. Instead, I have what God chose for me. And there is an indescribable amount of peace in that." read the rest at:  Raw, Uncensored Thoughts of a Mother with 10 Children