Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Pretty Poultry

 photo atmyfeet_zpsb30907bf.jpg
Whatcha doing, mama?

 photo faverolle2_zpsd9ecfbc8.jpg
Clint's buddy

 photo faverolle_zps8aa842ff.jpg
young faverolle chickens

Faverolles are on the Livestock Conservancy List as a threatened breed. These are beautiful, gentle, trusting birds. If we sit on the grass, they will come right up to us and will eat from our hands. When we are walking through the yard, they will follow us. We can reach down and scoop one up to hold. Our children love to carry them around! If you want a pet chicken, this is a good breed! Our birds are not adults yet, but we love having them on the farm and look forward to their beautiful adult plumage. They are excellent at ridding the yard of pests! I have seen the hens chase a fly down to eat it!

Faverolles are a dual purpose bird which lays big brown eggs. They can be sexed with a good rate of accuracy at just a few days old. They sport a muff, beard, and feathered feet with a fifth toe. Males grow to about 8 pounds and females to 6.5. They lay approximately 180 eggs a year. They go broody and are good mothers which means they are sustainable for a family who wishes to raise them.

Some people claim they are not hardy as chicks, but we did not lose a single chick in our order.