Sunday, October 12, 2014

Are You Shallow?

From evangelist, local weatherman, and author Jon Cash: "I was reading from Mark chapter four this morning about the parable of the soils. Something really caught my attention. One of the seeds sown was placed in shallow soil. This was a very thin sheet of soil that initially supported the seed as it grew but once the roots tried to take hold, it was all rock and hard ground. The plant could not survive this environment and it quickly died. What does this mean? It stands for a person who hears the Bible, appears to embrace God, but as they "appear" to grow, their worries, fears, and cares of this world take them over and they die. Is this real salvation, real Christianity? I do not think so. So here's the question. Are you shallow? You know what it means and how it feels if somebody calls you shallow! It means you have little substance, maybe even a fake, willing to change and do wrong if the circumstances warrant. Our churches are filled with shallow people who have never taken root in God because their hearts are simply not in it. They only have a thin veneer of humility and desire for the things of God but the core of their foundation and spirit is hardened for the things of God. If you still have breath and still have a heart beating, thank God you still have the chance to change and repent. God is the God of second chances...but He will not be mocked by shallow religious people who do not think they need help."