Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quick, Cheap, Effective Outdoor Sink

 photo outsidesink_zps0e72a258.jpg
It needs to be painted and the sink needs to be scrubbed, but you get the idea. We just pull a water hose over to it.

Clint and I have been recycling pallets to build things from them for over twenty years. One year, we recycled over a ton of one year! Clint has a goal of building a shed from pallets.

While not our fanciest or best looking project, this is a perfect minimum input for maximum output solution for our outdoor sink needs. I don't wash animal things in the house, so this sink will receive a lot of use. We added a shelf on the bottom rungs of the pallets since I took the picture. I can catch the water with a 5 gallon bucket to carry to the garden to water plants. One pallet plus two boards off of a pallet from the "grow through" frames plus 15 minutes equals a very useful tool for the farm. The salt treated plywood shelf we added was leftover from another project.