Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Find Free Kindle Books

Clint was gifted a Kindle Fire this week. He already has one, so he gave it to me. 

I have a library containing well over 1,000 books for my KF. I have been adding free books to my Amazon Kindle account for years. Whenever I'd see them offered, I'd grab them.

Many Amazon's Kindle books are offered free for a time to get them read and reviewed. After a certain period of time, the price comes back. 

Some books I have in my account are now selling for $30 and $40, but I didn't pay anything for them. I have homeschooling, gardening, mystery novels, science, math, history, foreign language, medical textbooks, recipes, animal husbandry, tourism, children's books, religion, etc. I just kept an eye out for them and would download them while waiting. It literally takes me a few seconds to add them to my account. 

If the title seems like something I can use later, I right click it to open the page, verify it is free, and download it. Click, click, click. I don't worry about it if it is well written or informative, because I can easily remove it from my device later.

1. Go to
2. Using the tab that says All with a down arrow next to it, select: Kindle Store
3. Search for topic of your choice.

 photo 1_zps844766bb.jpg

4. Sort results by Low to High

 photo 2_zpseb7f979b.jpg

5. If any free books are available on that topic, they will be at the top.

 photo 3_zpsc22ceafe.jpg

6. Click book title to open page. 

7. Verify price before purchasing. This is very important. I have had some books come up in the search as free which had a price on the book's page. 

The book can go from free to charging a price at any time, so verify and grab them while you can. If you put it off, you might miss out on a good title.

Whomever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, may the Lord bless you..right where you are, just as you are in this moment!