Friday, November 14, 2014

Odds n Ends of The Shire

We named our new cozy coop "THE SHIRE." 

It is almost finished except for the paint which will go on next spring. With thick tree branch perches placed 18" apart, it can easily house 60 birds. The ducks and geese will be housed elsewhere since they sleep on the ground. Considering that chickens defecate while perched, I think they will appreciate that.

When I needed nest boxes for my laying hens, I decided to look and see what we had in our scrap pile I could recycle. I love the challenge of putting something that was laid aside back into service in a new way. I made six chicken nest boxes in about 15 minutes with a few screws. I am sharing here to give others ideas on how to save money while raising a flock.

 photo nestboxes_zpsd015aa98.jpg

I used a top of a blue barrel we cut to use as a trash can. We used this top for a feeder for a while. The bottom is a child's toy box I found at a resale shop for $1.98. Joshua put a board in it to separate it into two nesting areas.

 photo nestboxes2_zps78bee4da.jpg
Eventually, I am going to fix the board on the top of the flipped over potato bin.
I think eight long screws is a bit much to hold the board in place when a few staples will do the job better. 
One of my children came up with the idea, and I did not want to discourage their helpful heart.

On top of the far end of the toy box is an onion and potato bin I used for years before putting it in the wood shed to be taken apart and used for something else. We made an additional nest on top by flipping it over and stuffing straw on the top. Between the wall of the coop and onion bin made for another nice nesting area where we added a board to keep the chickens from pulling the straw and eggs out as they jump in and out.

 photo nestboxes3_zps32d306ef.jpg
No sooner than we finished, we had an occupant!

 photo 2014-11-05110940_zps1c9f4a94.jpg
She left us a present!