Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Bethany's Hope

Bethany has asked for a swan for years. We can provide the care for one, but $2k-3k is a bit more than Clint and I are willing to pay.

Bethany's hoping we can get this swan being offered by wildlife services. It has to find a home or be euthanized in 10 days. It was hit by a car and is considered a nusiance animal in our state. They were going to kill it, but people asked if it could be adopted. Our Virginia officials have a heart and listened.

We are on the official list and are awaiting an email outlining what we must have and do to provide for the swan. We aren't in a prohibitive zoned neighborhood, and we have a large pen, 24/7 coverage of caretakers, ability to provide a swimming area, can afford the food, and are able to provide continuing health care. It's an insignificant matter, but God says to cast all of our cares on Him. It's a long shot, but Bethany wants believers to pray with her because she has seen what happens when they do. 

So, if you will, will you pray for Bethany's dream of a swan on the farm be realized? Thank you very much. 

 photo swan_zps53e3fe02.jpg
screen shot from my computer