Saturday, January 03, 2015

What New Year's Eve Looked Like

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It was too wet to do the bonfire and firewoks, so we elected to snuggle up together on the couches and watch Back to the Future. Clint and I were able to share about our teen years and culture at the time. We had forgotten Huey Lewis was in the movie criticizing his own song, played by Marty, as being "too loud." That was funny!

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Inappropriate stuff in movies and tv shows, we don't ignore it. We do what we call "call it out on the carpet." We pause the program, point out the sin, share God's truth about the subjects like the drinking, lying, jealousy, fighting, and sexual advances. Then we discuss consequences and sometimes real life examples of how those things don't pay off. No matter how strict or guarded you are with your children, things will pop up. It is better to deal with it directly and let your children know what God says and where you stand on it than to pretend it didn't happen or hope they didn't notice.

Right as the old year left and the new one came in, we stopped to give thanks for 2014 and ask God's blessing on 2015.

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After we prayed, I asked them to hold their position so I could step out and take a picture. After the picture, one of them said, "That way we can show our children how we learned to pray!" Then Clint and I had a glass of wine, and the children had gingerale. The children were allowed to stay up as late and sleep in as late as they wanted. 

I woke up early on New Year's Day to shred potatoes for hashbrowns and make eggs, sausage, and biscuits. Clint woke up a little while later and gave me a hand.