Thursday, February 12, 2015

Skyline Caverns Part 1

 photo 1_zpsf974eedf.jpg

S. Amos noted a sinkhole where the parking lot is today. 
This told him there were caverns near, so he started digging.

 photo 2_zpse054b918.jpg

A natural chimney was discovered by accident. 
They built a fireplace around it to warm visitors while 
they waited when the caverns first opened.

 photo 3_zpsfdb5e4b7.jpg

Painted Desert display

 photo 5_zps5b3aefbb.jpg

Approximately 1,000 lb stalactite that was cut from the ceiling by S. Amos. He drug it quite a ways through thick clay mud before giving up and leaving it here where it was later mounted. There is a string of celebrities who touched it when they toured the caves, but I was more impressed with the hard work the man put into moving the stalactite.

 photo 6_zpsb3b28479.jpg

This rock is hollow and rings when struck. Visitors are encouraged to hit it.

Part 2 will be featured tomorow.