Friday, February 13, 2015

Skyline Caverns Part 2

 photo 8_zps1f99bcdc.jpg

shallow pool
They reflect so well because the minerals in the water form a mirror like surface.

 photo 9_zps9e9086bf.jpg

looking down into a running river
There wasn't that much water, but the sound was loud due to the echoes off the rocks.

 photo 10_zps3cf1e74e.jpg

anthodite crystals
aka cave flowers
Skyline Caverns is one of the few places you can see these.

 photo anthodite_zpsf9c0d0b2.jpg

more anthodite

 photo 12_zps5cd9714a.jpg

another cave river

 photo 11_zpsfaec1367.jpg

a close up of the rock wall above the river