Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Home Again & God's Protection

I was kidnapped by my eldest daughter and best girlfriend, Amanda, on Sunday night at 8 p.m. There was no concrete plan other than pack fast as possible and go! We arrived in Harrisonburg, VA around midnight. The next day we did some shopping and ate out. Then we found a deal at Wintergreen. It was buy three nights, get a night free. So, Amanda split the time with Clint. There was a goof at check in, so they bumped our room up to the next level. We had a gorgeous valley view. When Clint arrived, he took Amanda driving and sightseeing. She wanted to drive some of the more challenging mountain roads, but I preferred to take a nap. 

Clint kidnapped me in the sense that he did not let me go home as scheduled and extended our time together by a few days. He planned to keep me longer, but I had to go home to see my children! I was gone from home for eight days and seven nights. Other than camping with the family for ten days, I have never been gone from home that long. I had a wonderful time and hope one or both of them kidnaps me again.

On the way to join us, Clint was in a four car accident involving a semi-truck on the interstate. No one was hurt. The woman who was distracted and failed to do a head check cut Clint off at 70 mph causing the accident. She had the worst damage...and did not care because "It's a rental." The suburban she missed seeing before she quickly changed lanes ripped the bumper off her little car. Clint said that was something else to see! She received a ticket. The woman behind Clint was paying attention and stopped her car in time but barely. The semi behind her was also paying attention but could not stop in time. He hit her but the damage was not too bad. He really had to have been paying attention to stop when he did. He received a ticket for following too closely. I am very thankful the Lord protected my husband and the other drivers.