Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Cheaper Way to Get Fabric for Children's Dress Up Play

 photo 3_zpsgf3gfsth.jpg

Most gowns are worn 1-3 times and then donated to charities who try to sell them. I found this one on sale for 50% off $6.99. I know first hand from my work in a clothing ministry that if they do not sell, they are often thrown into dumpsters. (You would not believe how many articles of clothing are thrown away in every week by a single private resale shop. Sometimes we were given 80 big trash bags full of good clothing in one week!)

 photo 4_zpsxpv88jza.jpg

These are the sewing materials I was able to salvage from the dress.

 photo 5_zpszny5zpfw.jpg

This is what I discarded after cutting it apart.

 photo 6_zpscpdvaeao.jpg

I put a good deal of my $3.50 purchase right to use.

 photo 9_zps0f1yikqj.jpg

Here is what I was able to reuse from a white gown I found for $2.

 photo 8_zpsc3dgafu1.jpg

Even after making Em's Elsa gown, I had enough fabric left over for another dress, a pair of shorts, and other small projects. I am trying to teach myself how to make a nice looking double bodice. I had a time and the dress has many flaws, so I shall swallow my pride and keep trying to learn. Emily was easy to please and saw the love I put into it and not the flaws.

 photo 2_zpskyslto2h.jpg

The best part is that I get to make memories and share a skill with my precious four daughters. Amanda can make her own dresses. Bethany is well on her way in learning. Emily and Hannah have a few basic hand sewing skills and have ran a machine for a few minutes.

A big thank you to Mrs. Dell, SCS Home Ec teacher, for teaching us how to sew by allowing the class to make quilted aprons.