Thursday, September 10, 2015

Your Home: Is it Prettier on the Inside than the Outside?

Young Christian wives and mothers, don't fret over the little things like how your home looks on the outside. Give God the heavy burdens relatives place on you when they tell you "what you should you do" with your time and money when you are doing the best you can. Instead, pay close attention to what is going on inside those walls. 

Rather than fret about what you don't have, focus on growing closer to the Lord by reading His Word and through prayer. Discipline your thought life to cultivate a thankful and contented heart. Ask God to remove harmful influences from your life and be wiling to let them go when He does. Build that relationship with your husband. Teach your children minute by minute to seek the Lord's ways and obey them. Teach them to ask "Will this activity or person draw me closer to the Lord or draw me further from Him?" Then teach them to have the strength and boldness to choose for the Lord. Study the Word and live it out in your own life. Instead of fretting about where you are today, invest in your family's future with prayer for them to grow closer to the Lord and each other with each passing year. Keep an eternal focus. 

God will bless you for your diligence in these areas in many ways. He does not expect our perfection but a repentant heart that is willing to be molded and to obey His Word. With new windows, a new roof, and new siding, my home looks much better on the outside, but it still does not reflect the beauty God has created within these humble walls.