Saturday, January 09, 2016

Pooch Time

 photo sleepyGirly_zpsflaefyid.jpg

I was running a temperature and had a migraine but wanted to be near the children. They are very entertaining with the good natured smack talking! So, I sat in my "Marty Crane" recliner. Girly had been restless all day, but I was so busy trying to get everything done I didn't investigate further. When I sat down to rest, she came to me and asked to get in my lap. She weighs about 40-50 lbs! She isn't allowed on the couches, so I told her no at first. Then realized she was restless because someone had taken her bed. So, I invited her to my lap and leaned back in the recliner with her. She was asleep in seconds! Poor dog just wanted a nap! She was so warm and calming, I dozed off for a little while too. Even better, my headache left!