Friday, March 11, 2016

Prayer Needs

As I shared last summer in this post, I can identify who visits the blog. I see a lot of you visiting hoping for news of what is going on with Clint. I haven't been able to share much about this. We are having to handle this situation carefully for a few good reasons. I will share what I can.

Clint is feeling better and has been for about a week now. He only took the Rx meds for nine days although he was given a month's worth. He had immediate relief on the day stopped taking it and started taking something natural. 

Today was his doctor's visit. 

The doctor wants to wait four months and see how things go before he gives a final diagnosis. So, there isn't a quick resolution to this situation as we were hoping. Hopefully, Clint will be fully healed, and we will get good news in July.

Prayer Needs:

  • Healing for Clint's body, he's been through a rough time

  • No more episodes of fever, crippling pain, chills, sweats, headaches, back pain, etc
  • that he receives the good diagnosis and not the other

These kind of situations always give good insight to the hearts of your friends and family. It teaches you who will be there for you. Many people my husband helped by giving them free time and labor while they were healthy did not offer to do the same for him while he was nearly crippled. That sharply contrasted with a disabled neighbor, who is so limited in what he can do, came and did all he could to the point it wore him out. While my children were asking, "Where is Xxxxxxx?," I was able to point out the self sacrifice of this wonderful neighbor who gave us all he had to give. 

Thank you for the cards, texts, emails, phone calls, etc. Thank you for the love and especially for the intercession you have given us. The place we are in has been overwhelming and frightening, but we know Who to seek for help.