Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quick Breakfast Ideas

Keeping breakfasts quick and simple is one way I save myself time and frustration on busy mornings. Many of these ideas are very adaptable to use whatever you have on hand or to change to your family's tastes and preferences. Many of these can be made ahead of time to keep mornings easier.

Here are some breakfast meals I incorporate into our routines:

  • Eggs, fruit, and toast 75% of our breakfasts include eggs and lots of them. I buy the 15 dozen boxes of eggs from Sam's Club.
  • Crock pot oatmeal cooks overnight-many different variations of this online
  • Breakfast casseroles I buy the 50# box of potatoes and shred my own hashbrowns in under three minutes with this powerful food processor. I make more than one casserole at a time so I can keep put one or two in my freezer for later. I get up to turn it on in the middle of the night if in the crock pot, or thaw it the day before and cook it in the oven first thing in the morning. Our family likes the Mexican version.
  • Hot ham and cheese sandwiches, or sausage patty and cheese, or egg, etc.
  • Breakfast tortilla pizzas many variations, quick if prep work is done the night before
  • Egg muffin cups 
  • Peanut butter on toast served with fresh fruit
  • Grits
  • Pumpkin or Sweet Potato pancakes/waffles precooked and ready to heat and serve
  • Fruit Smoothies with whey protein
  • Breakfast tortilla wraps roll up your favorite foods in a tortilla
  • Breakfast muffins cooked ahead of time makes it quick and easy
  • Yogurt with fruit (make your own in a crock pot or cooler far cheaper)
  • Sausage gravy over canned biscuits I admit this is not my idea of healthy, but we only make it a couple of times a year. This is super fast and easy for those hectic mornings when nothing has gone well, nothing is prepared ahead of time, and your time and patience are limited. I add 2 pounds of frozen pre-cooked Jimmy Dean Sausage to satisfy our children longer.
We cook bacon in cookie trays in the oven. It works great!

One thing our family really enjoys is having a "Big Breakfast." I make all of the traditional breakfast foods on Saturday. Sunday morning, we heat it up and invite everyone to come join us for a buffet style meal. The rest of the week, we finish up what is left over. I only mess up the kitchen once and we have a nice morning meal followed by very quick to serve meals later in the week. Our children request this quite often.

Note: A better sized slow cooker for a large family is a Nesco Classic Oven. This is similar to the one I use.