Monday, September 12, 2016

Up and Down

Everything God allows serves a purpose in the lives of those who love Him. This has been a roller coaster ride, and we've had to hold on tight with the ups and downs. We know God is using it to refine every member of our family into more His image. It's been a very painful process. 

We learned things that had been hidden from us...things that broke our heart and other things that scared us. Stories had been told about others that we believed, so we helped them get out of the situation. Only we find out there were lies upon lies as the poison on the inside ate its way out. The situation became bad, and then it got better shortly. Then the situation grew worse again. Then it became much worse. We kept praying. 

Specifically, we asked God to scare them but not to hurt them. We asked God to send them walking down the driveway when it was OK to invite them home again. Both of those very specific prayers were answered. For now, they are home and "committed to being good." It's not perfect but better.

God has been very gracious with His peace. The calmness in my heart I know came from Him. The songs I'd wake up with in my mind, I know were put there by Him. The friends who ministered, the stories that came my way, the verses in my daily devotional were all given to me by a God who loves me as an individual. All His ways are good!

We think we know what the root event is to this bad thinking, but we can't get them to talk. We know the struggles with very low self esteem and PTSD aren't helping. We know they are headed for trouble again if they don't get help to learn ways to protect themselves. We've tried all we know how to do and more. We've offered every available resource. The pain is very visible. 

Where we can't make inroads, we know God can. Please keep praying. 

I apologize for not answering mail. I started a new activity in May, and it has been affected by this. However, it has also been a great way to occupy the mind during this season.