Wednesday, October 19, 2016


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We just returned from camping and are planning another trip to enjoy more of the fall foliage which is very soon going to be at peak.

If you like camping and love the wilderness, I encourage you to check out the national forests where you can camp for free. Some have designated campsites, but you are allowed to camp outside of those campsites. 

If you like rustic camping with comfort, I advise a quick set tent (same as ours), raised bed frame, and inexpensive mattress. We use a cheap spring mattress in our tent on a raised wood frame we built with new lumber very inexpensively. We can slide storage totes underneath. It eliminates a lot of soreness and increases what you can store inside the tent.

The area we are frequenting lately is called Big Levels and is near Waynesboro, Virginia. There is a rugged 4x4 mountain climbing trail we enjoy and the scenery is very beautiful. We hike a lot and enjoy the wildlife. I know information about that area can be hard to find on the internet, so if you need info, please don't hesitate to email us. (see blog header)