Friday, April 28, 2017

Take It Slow

Clint helped a young man, Alex, whose car broke down in our driveway after he drove through water. Alex told Clint he thought the best way to get through water was to drive as fast as he could. Clint was patient and gentle as he encouraged him to go slow through water that can't be avoided to lessen the risk of damage. It was apparent as they diagnosed the problem that the young man didn't have a good working knowledge of his automobile, but he really listened and asked questions when Clint explained things to him.

After Clint talked with him for a while, he learned this young man did not have a father or a mother growing up. Alex aged out of the foster care system. His uncle works him as a waterman for $40 cash a day a few days a week. A day starts very early and can go 8-12 hours. That is very low pay for a very hard and often dangerous job.

Alex bought his car for $200 and has put $300 in it. We could tell he was worried about what it would cost to fix his car. Unlike most young adults, he has no cell phone. He sleeps at his uncle's house so he can get up early and work, but he lives with his aunt.

He was driving alone on a learner's permit because he had no family who was willing to ride with him. He had already been pulled once, but the officer was understanding to the situation and let him go with a warning. Clint drove him to his aunt's so he could go get his driver's license on his day off. He came back later and fixed his car.

The young man was hesitant and seemed to have a confidence problem, but he was polite and has a desire to learn. When Clint let him know his driving method was erroneous, he didn't let his pride get in the way of taking in new information. He clearly isn't afraid of hard work. Instead of making excuses or waiting on a hand out, he is trying to get himself started in life despite the many obstacles in his path. That's a lot of good character qualities that emerged in a few minutes of talking. I am glad we had the opportunity to meet him and hope we see him again.

People who do things that seem foolish might not have had the same opportunity to learn as you did. Slow down and look for the good in people. Try to be patient and gentle with everyone you meet to avoid causing more damage (hurt) in their lives. Some roads in life are harder than others.

If you will please pray for Alex.