Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Coal Road Bald Mountain 4x4 Jeep Trail

We love traveling in this area and get a lot of questions from the previous posts and images we've shared on social media.  We've also made some pretty good adventure loving friends!

Before we ever tried, we searched the internet quite a while but never found anyone who had even tried this trail in a Suburban. We knew a stock Jeep could do it, so we figured our suburban could too. 

We did it in our '99 Suburban with no issues. I should note here that our driver, my husband, has quite a bit of 4WD experience. That matters.

Our trip was spur of the moment, so we did not go in a group. I can see where a group would be helpful in case of a breakdown. Cell coverage for me was spotty. If you must go alone, do it earlier in the day. That way if you have an issue, someone should come along and be able to offer help. Expect other drivers, mountain bikers, and hikers on this trail. There are spots to camp along the trail. Look for rock campfire rings.

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing adventure, you probably should go to an off road beach. This road is a lot of rugged fun in a beautiful environment. If you've never driven up a rocky mountain trail before, it can be quite a thrill.

I will be making a post with some tips soon. For now, those interested in driving the trail can view images of parts of the road in my Facebook album

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