Saturday, May 27, 2017

Motts for Tots Organic Apple Juice #freesample

 photo IMG_6686_zpskc7hjwpo.jpg 

Our family is often given free samples and products to try from vendors. We try several new products a week. 

Recently, we were given a generous free sample of Motts for Tots Apple Juice. It was more than enough for everyone in our family of nine to have a glass with some left to share. Mott's for Tots Organic Apple Juice is made with organic apples and starts with 100% juice. Then they add purified water to cut the sugar by 40%. Then essential vitamins are added. This results in a good, clean beverage that tastes great but contains much less sugar. 

I thought our youngest children, Emily and Hannah, would enjoy it the most. While they did love it, Joshua, our 17 year old, is absolutely crazy about it. Since cutting sugar consumption is a good thing for braces, Joshua's orthodontist is happy with Joshua choosing Motts for Tots as his new apple juice too. #freesample