Monday, May 29, 2017

Smoker Turned into R2D2

 photo clintbirthdayr2d2_2017_zpsawaiaebb.jpg 

Clint LOVES his birthday present which we gave him a little early. This was a smoker the children and I painted to look like R2D2. It has motion activated droid sounds. Our initials are hidden in the paint. Caleb helped me figure out how to lay it out and put the legs on it. Amanda, Joshua, Bethany, Emily, and Hannah helped me paint it. Brandon bought the motion activated speaker. 

We had the smoker just sitting around and the paint was leftover from other stuff. Brandon didn't have time to paint, so he bought the motion activated sound. Whatever he paid for that is all we have in it. Clint's looking to see how to make it remote controlled. He wants it to move!

I thought he'd want to put it outside on the forest path like we did the minion Bethany and I painted. When I mentioned it, he put his arm around it and said, "You can't put R2 outside, Wendy."