Friday, October 20, 2006


This is our submission for the Carnival of Kid Comedy.

Caleb, 4: "Mom, I don't like poe-key-toes."

Wendy, 37: "Poe-key-toes?"

Caleb: "Yes, I don't like them."

Wendy: "Poe-key-toes?? Do you mean taquitos?"

Caleb: "No, POE---KEY---TOES. I don' t like them."

Wendy: "Why don't you like poe-key-toes?"

Caleb: "I don't like poe-key-toes because they bite."

Wendy: "Oh, MO-squitoes. It's MO-squitoes. MO-squitoes is how you say it. I don't like them either."

Caleb: "Yeah, poe-key-toes. I don't like poe-key-toes."

Wendy: "I don' t like poe-key-toes either Caleb."