Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bad Day

Sunday, while Clint, Brandon and Amanda were at the park playing paintball, I had a horrible time of it here. Everything that could go wrong did. I won't bore you with all the details, but it was bad.

I also learned the hard way that you should not attempt to stand for hours at at time if you have been nearly flat on bed rest for four months straight. My muscles are very weak and the baby has grown and stressed my back further. My back was hurting so bad I could not lift my feet more than 2-3 inches. I could not even climb the stairs, which is where our only bathroom is. After five hours on my feet, I could barely move.

Bethany went to the bathroom. She did not come down after 15 minutes, so I sent Joshua up. He came back confused and said he could not find her. I relived the horrible moment when I found Amanda's bed empty in the middle of the night she sleepwalked. I sent Joshua up to look for her again and again. After nearly an hour, he finally found her. She had grown tired and put herself down for a nap behind the piled up covers. When she woke up and came back downstairs, she was well rested and I had new grey hair.

Clint forgot to bring in wood. Well, he brought in six small pieces to last all day. I think he was a bit preoccupied with getting to the park! When I realized I needed wood for heat, it was too late. I knew I could not navigate the steps out or back in and could most definitely not carry wood. We burned paper to make the wood last longer and stayed close to the wood stove when the house temperature started dropping.

Amanda left without feeding the horse. She usually does this at a certain time every a.m. About 1 p.m., Hot Shot had ENOUGH with waiting and set to putting up such a ruckus, I had bad thoughts. The first was "Someone is going to hear this and report us for animal abuse." A couple of hours later it was: "If he keeps that up, I just might GIVE him something to carry on about." :-)

On and on it went. Being optimistic, it takes a lot for me to call a day bad, but Sunday was BAD.