Friday, March 14, 2008

Mean Little Fish in Jail

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I put the "nasty mean" little thing lamprologus leleupi in a jar with holes in the top (for water circulation) until I can set up another tank for it. It's really a pretty fish, but it is SO aggressive. This particular one has special needs due to a twisted mouth. That's a heart shaped blood red parrot fish sticking its tongue out at it.
According to the internet, the parrot fish is a hybrid created by breeding two cichlids. The heart shape is obtained by cutting the tail off the young. They don't post that information beside the sale tank, so we did not know when we purchased our three. They are also injecting dye into these fish in patterns to gain sales. We do not recommend buying them because it supports these practices. There is a cichlid known as a the parrot fish (Hoplarchus Psittacus) which is found in the wild.