Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Power Lines Fixed, Goat Caught, Vehicle Prayer Request

VA Power came out today and fixed the power lines that were too low. We can safely move the RV in and out now that they meet code distance from the ground. The lines were so low, they were laying across young pine trees and would have hit our neighbor in the head while he was riding his tractor!

Amanda saw one of the wild goats, set a trap with Brandon's help and caught it! We do not know where the second one is, but will try to catch it too if we see it.

Prayer Request: We are currently looking at a shuttlebus that would be PERFECT for us as a family vehicle, our book stores and camping. It will answer a lot of needs in one. Someone has a deposit to hold it while they figure out if they want it or not. We should find out this week (which probably means next week) if they plan to buy it. If they do not, we will go down and get it. Please join us in prayer this works out for us if it is God's will for our family. It has an extremely good price at $6,000 (others in the same condition are going for $10,000-15,000 and up) and is in great condition.

There are not many material things I want enough to pray about, but this is something I'd really love to have for our family as we have been having a lot of trouble locating a replacement transmission for our current van. That's become such a hassle (after visiting several junkyards, dealers and etc) that we have given up on it. Our current van only seats 8 anyway so we'd have to add a bench seat.

We have to have a shuttlebus, 15 passenger van, an RV we can convert with seats or something big....we need room for all of the car seats, our teens and groceries/luggage/whatever. We'll add a portapotti (necessary with this many young ones) and snack cabinet to whatever. If this is God's will for us, it will work out. If not, He will open the door some where else.

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