Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Day for Jarrett & This N That

Bethany had her cast removed today!! She is glad to have her arm free again. She came home and washed it so it would stop itching! Clint forgot the camera but took pictures with his cell phone. If he gets them to me, I'll post them here.

We are going through clothes and switching to cool weather wardrobes this week. The temperatures here have been cooler for the last two weeks and it has been wonderful! It's a big job to go through every one's clothes and takes me a while to do it the way I like it. So far, I have only Emily's done. I hope to get through more tomorrow. Since the bedrooms needed cleaning, I spent time listing books today while the children tidied up.

I have also been rearranging the master bedroom so I could get the treadmill in it. We ended up with more floor space which will be great for the children when we watch movies. They throw their blankets and pillows on the floor, pile on and spread out. Clint laughs and says "We have wall to wall children!"

Our dishwasher went kaput and then the backup I had from Freecycle went kaput as well. So, we had to go buy a new dishwasher which will set our plans for the bus's transmission back further. The new one cleans great though and is such a time saver.

We noticed Nala has seemed down a lot in the last several months. We thought she might have hearing issues but found out she is nearly completely deaf after we ran a series of tests. We've been working with hand signals and she already seems to be following directions better. It makes us sad to know our time with our fuzzy family member is nearing its end. Nala will be 14 in the spring. Interestingly, she still runs around like a puppy and her hearing issues do not affect her sense of responsibility. We had two strange dogs come in the yard over the weekend and she put herself between them and the children with teeth bared until all of the children walked into the house. Because we have had pit bulls used for fighting dropped off here before, we make the children WALK inside every time they see a strange dog to be safe. If I check it out and know the dog is harmless, they can go back out and play.

This weekend is the Guinea Jubilee Firemen's Parade, Guinea Jubilee and A Day for Jarrett. The children want to see the parade. Clint and I are very excited about A Day for Jarrett this year because they are raising money to build an all accessible playground. We are hoping it works out with Clint's schedule for us to go and support our community.

Please keep our dear friend Denise in prayer for a quick and easy recovery from the surgery she had on Monday. Miss you Denise!