Friday, September 05, 2008

Hanna Does Not Look that Bad

We are still moving things around and making plans for the animals. We do not even know if Hanna will get back to hurricane strength before she makes landfall in NC. It doesn't look like it.

The only concern we have is the weathermen are calling for moderate flooding in some areas. We are not worried about the house flooding, but the road will have water on it.

Everyone is happy about the baby being a girl (at least we think baby is a girl) but I honestly think it would be the same if baby were a boy. We had Joshua and Caleb close together and everyone is speculating on how girls will be alike or different from that experience. More lace instead of camo? tea parties instead of mock combat?

Joshua has had so much fun teaching Emily things like climbing the Climb and Slide toy and riding the toddler bike, he's looking forward to having another sibling to teach. Caleb says Joshua can defend Emily and he'll defend the "new sister." Brandon and Amanda could care less about gender...they just enjoy babies. Bethany is looking forward to having someone else to dress up and knows this time she'll be able to help out more with things she couldn't do when Emily was tiny. Emily has no clue there's a baby on the way.

Bethany has fell, tripped, landed wrong and hit her cast so much, I am wondering if she'll ever be able to get it off. She fell hard enough going up the stairs Wednesday evening it hurt her injured arm. While she is not the first to have broken a bone, she is the first of our children to have a cast. Because of her age, her bone did not actually break. Although it is still called a fracture, her bone bent with the pressure. The place that was bent has the potential to grow crooked, so that is why they put the cast on. That and to protect it from falls and hits. :-o She was trying to pull it off of her arm less than 24 hours after she received it.

Amanda took the digital camera with her to riding camp and on the last day (after she was awarded) it was stolen. We think someone did it out of jealousy which proved to be another valuable lesson for our children. Not everyone likes you when you do well. I had been wanting a new camera for a while, so I purchased a nicer one with a better zoom feature. Maybe the next time the eagles or turkeys visit I can get a clearer picture.

Brandon has stepped on two nails in the last week. He's tired of having to sit and soak his foot in salt water. He gets to watch t.v. while he's soaking, but he also has to fold laundry. :-)

TIP: For those in the area, K-mart in Grafton is having a sale on summer infant/toddler clothes. They were marked 50% off the original price and currently are 40% off that reduction. I need to go back but have not been able to and now the storm is keeping me at home. Sales like that are a good way to stock up for growing children and baby shower gifts.

I started this post early and just got to post much going on here.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.