Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shuttle Bus Picts #1

When Clint registered it, he found out it is a 1991, not a 1990 as we were told.
It was a challenge to find them in classified and car dealers listings other than bus dealers (where the prices are significantly higher). We found shuttle buses like ours listed under trucks, mini bus, shuttle bus, vans, RVs, school buses, cargo vans, mobility vans, wheel chair vans, people movers, etc, etc, etc. When Clint went to register it at the DMV, the clerk gave him guff about registering it because SHE did not know what to put down for it. Clint looked at the previous registration and it was listed as a van.
With the bus dealers, we were not impressed. When we told them what we needed, they'd ignore us and tell us what they thought we needed and try to get us to buy something bigger. Yeah, they wanted our family of 8 (soon to be 9) to drive around in a 40 passenger bus. We could drive the RV around for that! Their prices were much, much higher than the regular car dealers. We recommend talking with a small car dealer and asking him to keep an eye out for a good shuttle bus when he goes to the dealer auctions-or going to one yourself. That is how the dealer found the first bus we looked at. It is not uncommon to find one with the maintenance records if you purchase one used by a transit system, rental agency, etc.
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