Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shuttle Bus Picts #3

There are 12 passenger seats with room to add a bench seat (which we have already) and we will add a passenger seat up front (which we also have on hand). We will probably replace the driver's seat with a seat we have too. Clint says he wants to sit in both and compare them for comfort and adjustments.
We have already put a porta potti in the back and will add a wall and curtain for privacy soon.
The chair lift works great but the door beside it needs the upholstery reattached to it. I think I can repair that with the hot glue gun.
We also found a current car seat (still in date) and a new stroller in the bus which will come in handy. PTL for the bus and the "bonuses" we found inside. We had been told everything would be cleaned out before we bought it, but the man did not have time to do it which turned out to be a blessing for us.
I apologize for taking longer to get the pictures than what I told some. The nausea has intensified and I have spent a lot of time lately lying down.
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