Friday, December 19, 2008

Hospitality 2

The rest of the story: The engineer, Thomas, called his workplace and they brought him a key from Portsmouth. This was the second time Thomas locked his keys in the truck. The first time, he was with his boss. He told Brandon he was worried his boss would think he was incompetent. Brandon enjoyed talking to him and sharing the woes of Algebra 2 and Calculus.

There is some concern about elevating the back porch (which was closed in for a laundry room) probably because it is on wooden piers. The piers look like telephone poles. I am hoping they do not need to tear that off. We need all of the square footage we can get. Our file is suppose to have an official letter saying our deck, addition and the back porch were all approved as part of the elevation.

As the children poured into the room to say hi to Thomas, he started looking left to right and said "Just how many children do you have?!" LOL

A house similar to ours, just down the road from us, is being elevated. It is up on wooden trusses. I'll TRY to get down there to get a picture soon. Clint told me about it and I am eager to go out and see it. I just need a good day.

I have had contractions every few minutes for the last 2 hours. Earlier I tried to nap in case it gets like it did last night, but that didn't work out. Like most women at the end of pregnancy, I am uncomfortable. Throw in the nausea and vomiting, sore throat and fluid in the ears and I am a barrel of laughs.

The children are counting the days to Christmas while I am counting the days to the baby's due date...and praying she comes sooner! LOL