Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The County Coordinator

for the elevation said he had not received the paperwork as of last Friday. The engineers said they would finish and turn the plans over this week. So, the start date has already been pushed back a little.

At five weeks postpartum, I still do not have the household running like I would like, but progress is being made.

Hannah has gone through a growth spurt since we took the pictures below. We no longer need to roll up the sleeves on that sleeper. I will try to get some pictures today.

I have been asked by a few young women to share more baby tips. If I think of anything, I will certainly put them in the blog for you. Click on the baby link under the posts where I have shared tips and it should pull up more. I think I posted some while Emily was a baby too, so you can look through July 2007 onward for those, but they might be repeats. I am thankful to hear they are benefiting others.

It has been just wonderful going out and seeing people after the long months on bedrest. What a blessing it is to be able to EAT too! No, I do not miss the barf bucket!

After nearly 14 years of her being by my side almost 24/7, I knew I would miss having Nala around, but did not think it would be to this extent. Nala was technically Clint's dog, but you know who fed and bathed her and she was a lot of company for me during the day. When those hectic motherhood moments would come, I'd sigh, look at her and say "It's just you and me, girl...until the children figure out we are outnumbered and then you are on your own because I am going to run like the wind." She would leave me when I'd start gagging while I was pregnant though. She could not stand the vomiting and you could read her disgust on her face. I'd cough or gag and she'd take off like a rocket out of the room which would make me laugh. I tried to fake her out a few times, but she knew when it was real and when it wasn't. Nala also could tell time and would head for the driveway when Clint was due in. When he worked overtime, I could not budge her from her watch for him. I want a puppy but will wait to see how the elevation plans work out first. This time we'll call it my dog and see if Clint feeds and bathes it. :-D

We had ham yesterday and will flavor the beans I have in the crockpot with the leftovers for tonight. I love the crockpot!

It's time to do some crafts with the children.

Ephesians 1:2 Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.