Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slow Lane Mothering

Most of us mothers like to go to bed at night knowing we have benefited our family with the work we do. I know I enjoy feeling like I have "earned my keep" at the end of the day. There is so much that gets in the way of accomplishing that long to-do list, however. Interruptions come in the form of phone calls, visitors, illnesses, malfunctioning appliances, babies crying, toddlers needing our entertainment, children needing discipline, etc. All of these things can be blessings in disguise!

When I am moving at full speed, it is hard to change gears and go at a slower pace. Having to sit down and breastfeed a newborn is definitely "changing gears." That time with Hannah is so precious though. I don't want to rush it. I want to enjoy each moment of her babyhood that I can. Likewise, I want to enjoy each moment of Emily's toddlerhood, Bethany's Kindergarten, Caleb's and Joshua's boyhoods, and Amanda's and Brandon's teen years. If I am not careful, I will miss out on key moments because I am ignoring those little pieces of time where God is signaling me to slow down and enjoy this precious gift of motherhood.

Slowing down allows me to connect with each child and that allows me to keep their hearts. If I have their heart, they are going to value my instruction which opens the door to share with them wisdom from God's Word. Even the annoying or difficult things like broken appliances or a flat tire allow me to example a life of faith through my patience and believing in God's provision.

If I am too busy trying to reach my goals, I may miss out on work far more important than housework, academics, etc. Bonding with and giving godly instruction to our children is a worthy investment of our time.

Listen to that quiet voice of the Holy Spirit and change gears when He prompts. He has a special blessing waiting for you if you can slow down enough to seize ahold of it.