Monday, February 28, 2011


Our heifer calf was burned. This has a 4-5 days healing time on it and looks good. The fence for the pastures diverged off the front and the back of both sides of the barn. Where we had four separate areas, we now have one. We are hoping to hear from the insurance rebuild specialist soon to get a cleaning crew to get up the rest of the hardware (fasteners like screws) and the large amount of glass.

We found things we needed to bury yesterday. That was hard.

I think once we get the enormous task of filing the contents list done, it will get easier. Take pictures of everything and save them where they can't be destroyed whether is on a server or on CD in a vault. Save every receipt and file away somewhere safe for at least seven years. Save every owner's manual, no matter how unlikely it is you will refer to it. This will help you in making your contents list. If you do have a fire, go through the pile yourself and take pictures of everything you can. It will help document your ownership and trigger memories.

If you only remember one thing, remember this. I thought I knew how quickly fire traveled. I see now I underestimated it a great deal. If your house is on fire, get out as fast as you can and stay out. Do not enter any burning buildings. Teach this to your children. Fire is a ravenous, swiftly moving animal.
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