Monday, February 21, 2011


In the last two days, we have seen over 60 people! Thank you to everyone who stopped by! Each person picked our spirits up! Each visit was like a gift! We've had many reasons to laugh because of our friends. Clint will be home tomorrow too. Come by and say goodbye to the barn.

We had no idea that big, old barn meant so much to so many. One of our neighbors was physically ill when he saw our barn on fire. Some people told us it was their favorite part of the view. One neighbor told us they took many pictures of the sunset with our barn in it. That was one of my favorite things to do too! It was a landmark people used in giving directions. Pilots looked for it. One neighbor told us how he use to play inside the barn as a child and run straight through it. Our farm lost a lot of character when the barn burned. It seems so plain here now. We will miss having and using it. The smoke from our barn could be seen in Williamsburg.

If you are local and have any spare dog houses lying around, we can use them. Because the dog kennels were lined with straw and the brush fire would pass within inches of there, we moved the dogs, pigs and dog houses out of the kennels. We had to put the dogs and pigs in crates inthe front yard due to the smoke. The dog houses (10 of them) we put in ...the...barn. :-/ Go ahead and laugh. We've laughed about it too. I've "made do" with a broken, "to be thrown away" dog house and took the goat's house from her, but it's not solving all of the problems I'm having.

The water heater broke this morning. Clint said the bottom coil stopped working, but the top one was working. He made a way to use the top one until we can replace it. As soon as the news leaves, I am getting a long awaited, much needed shower. I am covered in soot from going through the pile.

Please pray for the people who lost their homes in the fires here.

God is good ALL of the time!