Thursday, January 19, 2012

Clint's Thoughts on Life with Seven Children

Clint's co-worker compared our lives with seven children to another friend without children. The man asked Clint if he missed traveling, fancier clothes, nicer cars, etc. Clint said "There is not a single thing that I would rather have than my children. Trips are a few times a year and are soon a memory. Possessions don't last. My children bring me joy every day and will continue to do so for an eternity. I am not missing out on anything. I already have everything."

At 43, we are at a stage where most of our friends have children who have left home for college or have families of their own. Many times we have heard "I wish we would have had more children," "I miss having young children at home," or "Your family has so much fun together." We have also heard "I love being at your house because the children make me feel young again." These comments remind us of how blessed we are to be where we are. They help us to not take our children for granted when things are chaotic.

Clint and I are very thankful for the Holy Spirit's leading to let the Father control our family size. We have never regretted it. Even with the miscarriages and hyperemesis gravidarum, we know there is a plan and a purpose for our good and God's glory. Our daily lives are filled with laughter and a sense of purpose. We are joyfully living out the calling God gave us knowing there will be an eternal reward.