Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And, So It Begins...

 Every year when the weather starts warming up, Joshua and Caleb test themselves against Amanda. They know they have to beat her before they can take on Brandon. Usually, it is both boys testing their strength against their very good-natured sister! Amanda is down the driveway picking out her "sword." The swords are river reeds.
 Last week, Joshua decided to go one on one with a "sword" battle.
 He's looking pretty fierce! He had her on the run a lot!
 She still got in plenty of strategic shots!
She was in trouble when her "sword" broke!
You can see victory on his face!
(You can see part of one of Joshua's swords flying past Amanda's raised leg.)

If they try to take her down in a mud puddle again this year, I will do my very best to capture it on film!
Shoot, I may even challenge them to go after her ;-)!

Update: See: A Princess Wrestles with Two Little Brothers