Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Aggravating Cat and Acts of Love

 I put the birds outside when the weather is nice so they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine too. It always attracts the cats though. That kitten has big aspirations!
 This is the infamous Miracle's kitten "Minnie Mi." She stared at that cage the whole time it was outside. She never found a way to get to it though.
Do not fall for that innocent look!
This cat is trouble! :-)
 Miracle (who is a miracle) and Minnie Mi in Brandon's lap.
Brandon with Miracle and Mini Mi.

Miracle is eight years old and is the most aGgRaVaTiNg cat we have. She will run into the house and get into my trash or any food that has been left out. She usually makes a terrible mess! She has also cost us a lot of money by getting into meat I have had thawing on the counter. During trying moments, I have threatened to give her away. There have been many trying moments with Miracle. Now, she has self replicated! Ack!

But, my boy loves her; therefore, I love the cat.
When Brandon is in school or at work, I look out for the "old lady." I make sure the dogs leave her alone, and I take her treats. I pick her up and pet her since he's not here to do it. If her back legs look stiff, I take a few minutes from my day and massage them for her. When someone is putting her outside, after she's charged through legs to get in, I remind them to be gentle with her. If I see her searching for "her boy," I let him know she was missing him. I take pictures of her and text them to Brandon. I put up with the cat because it shows my son I love him in a way that says love to him in a tangible way.

Love is an action verb. You have to live it out. Words have no meaning without action to support them. How are you living out your love for others? Can they look at your actions and find proof you love them? Do you understand what they see as love? You can show them you love them according to your thinking all you want, but if it doesn't speak to their heart*, they won't see it. 

What about your love for the Lord? Are you obeying His commandments? That is what He asks from us. The wonderful thing about His commandments are that they are designed to protect us. He is asking you to obey what He has established to protect you to show your love for Him. That's the love of a parent/Father!

1 John 3:18 
Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

John 14:15
If you love me, keep my commandments.

* One exception is when someone is self abusive. You do not give a drug abuser drugs or money for them. It's a common sense thing, but I felt it needed saying.