Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Messy Christmas Tree

I know our Christmas tree is not "department store" pretty! It kind of looks like an explosion of Christmas ornaments! The organized interior decorator in me screams when I see this tree, but the wise mama says "Relax. It's perfect just like it is!"

I grew up being told where and how to place any ornaments I was lucky enough to put on the tree which had to look a certain way. I so wanted to be included more. It was sheer agony to have to sit down and watch. I even have a picture I took from my waiting place which shows the unhappy mood in the room. By not being allowed to participate more, I felt like my efforts weren't "good enough." I felt "in the way." It wasn't really "our" tree either.

Is the way the tree looks, or anything else, more important than what is going on in your children's hearts? If we are too controlling, we can suck the joy out of what could be the best moments of our lives. Open up your eyes, and see your children's faces and hearts. Don't waste these very limited opportunities to build your family, make memories, and enjoy life!

I will take the smiles on my children's faces, the laughter in the room, and the memories we are making over a picture perfect Christmas tree any day. We might have a messy tree, but we have a very happy family and many warm and wonderful memories!