Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hurricane Sandy was just being noticed as the winds slightly picked up in our area. Clint and I went out for a part he needed to fix a plumbing issue before the storm grew worse. On our way home, we encountered the scene of a rollover accident. Two people were in the truck that rolled. They were ejected.

Thinking immediately of Amanda's accident, I was reduced to sobs as I prayed aloud for them as Clint carefully navigated us through the emergency vehicles and scattered debris. 

A man died. His child lived. As of 11/21/2012, she is still in the hospital with serious injuries.

One fatality and two survivors in two rollover accidents in just a few weeks proved accurate to the statistics we had heard. Out of every three people in rollovers, one dies. The incredible blessing of Amanda surviving with barely a mark on her did not escape us as we passed the accident.

Please pray for the man's child and loved ones. Please also pray for the person who caused the accident as I imagine they must be carrying a heavy burden.