Friday, March 29, 2013

Behind the Dunes in Corova and Corolla

 photo roadworkroadclosed_zps4749ef36.jpg
Some roads are closed. Be respectful.

 photo roadwork2_zps5e00cfc0.jpg
dune protection

 photo roadworkduneaccessclosed_zps7f4ec8e0.jpg
over dune road closed

 photo roadworkclosedoff_zps3d58ce6e.jpg
Dune and Wetlands Protection
Some of the dunes used for access to behind the beach roads have been closed while other dunes are now being opened to cross.

 photo roadwork_zpsef79a1fe.jpg
Some road work is being done.

Roadwork to begin on Ocean Pearl Road

Ocean Pearl Road Improvements in Carova 

(above link has picture of a Jeep stuck in a puddle)

 photo roadbehinddune4_zps1b74487c.jpg
We always look for tracks on the otherside of a puddle.
If the people who live there won't go through it, we probably don't want to either.

 photo roadbehinddune3_zps5a17ac6e.jpg
big mansions

 photo roadbehinddune2_zps3473abf1.jpg
small abodes

 photo roadbehinddunes_zpse0fab97b.jpg
typical road behind the dunes

 photo uhohreorge_zps23b5ca28.jpg
Some of those "puddles" are deceptively deep and will wash over the hood of your 4WD.
This man's truck was cut off in the middle of the puddle when we first saw him.
In the picture, he had managed to move it forward out of the water and was running his engine to clear the water out. We waited to see if they needed help, but they managed on their own. That is his wife in the Jeep behind him.