Saturday, June 29, 2013

My "Little" Boys

 photo boys_scrapwood_zpsf13f3398.jpg
Joshua, 13 and Caleb, just turned 12

They found just enough scrap wood to build a box.
They are having a blast with the scrap pile and Clint's tools.
Clint has always included them when he does work at home and instructs them on proper tool use and safety.

This is from the pictures I take with my cellphone during the day to keep Clint up to date while he is at work. Clint says he loves getting the pictures and thanks me regularly for them. When he gets home, he comments on the things he's seen the children doing, and asks questions. Sharing the pictures is a great way to build or strengthen relationships between fathers and their children. It's a little thing I can do that only takes a few seconds and gives both my children and my husband so much.
 I do this for Brandon and Amanda also when they are away from the house a lot.