Sunday, July 14, 2013

Barn Swallow Update

 photo swallowhatch1_zps55d2a18a.jpg

When I saw the daddy staring into the nest, I knew something had changed.

 photo swallowhatch3_zps6a782866.jpg

So while she was hunting, I grabbed a mirror for a quick peek.
Their first baby hatched on July 4th.

 photo allbabies762013_zps04ff7c67.jpg

On the morning of the 6th, I took another peek while the parents were sunning on the electrical wire and found all five had hatched!
 photo july82013barnswallows_zpsc0000801.jpg

Here they are looking fuzzy and content on the 8th.

 photo babybirds_zps7f1c0426.jpg

See them peeking over the top?

 photo pinfeathers_zps8f7f39f5.jpg

You can just make out the pin feathers on a wing tip in this picture.

7/16/2003 New Pictures:

 photo 1_zps8874f9ca.jpg

I had been hoping I could get a picture of all five of them.
It is amazing how fast they have grown.

 photo 2_zps7a17b41c.jpg

The parents are constantly working to feed their brood.
This is the mama bird.