Friday, September 20, 2013

Lizard Hatch!!!

 photo 2_zps976a41c7.jpg

 photo 1_zps7847d125.jpg

On the morning August 30th, Caleb came running back into the house like he had big news!!!


I told him, "Go grab my camera, and I will get you pictures so you can remember this." We walked to the building where the incubator is kept. Joshua announced, "There are TWO!!"

It is hard to imagine how that much lizard was crammed into those tiny eggs.
You can't touch the lizards at this point. They need time to absorb the rest of their yolk.

 photo 3_zpsc796e289.jpg

The two crumpled looking eggs on the left side of the picture are where the lizards hatched.

You can see how the eggs are darker and mottled looking. That happens right before hatching.

The egg next to the hatchling has the boys talking about its size.