Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Peek at an Abandoned Cannery

My husband takes me to the coolest places to explore!

 photo cannery3_zpsa9124988.jpg

one office 
It's like they walked out and never came back. 
While I can't remember the exact year, the calendar said 1990's.

 photo cannery1_zps8d7ce460.jpg

refrigerators, processing tables, vats, etc

 photo cannery4_zpsabed7962.jpg

empty cans waiting to be filled

 photo cannery7_zps4bf6f33e.jpg

loading dock

 photo cannery15_zps55ababbe.jpg

nature forcing her way in

 photo cannery13_zps89f9a555.jpg

another time capsule like office

 photo cannery11_zpsfe8bf1e8.jpg

outdoor tables

 photo cannery12_zpsae64e2d6.jpg

processing area

 photo cannery8_zps298831ff.jpg

nature reclaiming

A hearty welcome to Sonlight and fellow homeschooling visitors!