Saturday, October 05, 2013

Around Here October 2013

The first part of our fall family vacation was wonderful! We had such a fun time together on our little piece of beach! The only complaint was that it wasn't longer. We had beautiful weather with warm days followed by cool evenings.  We spent most of our time doing recreational water activities, so I don't have many pictures.

Caleb's appendix ruptured towards the end of our time away. It worked better for our family because everyone was together, so we had coverage for the younger children while Clint and I took off with Caleb for his emergency surgery. We also had coverage for the days immediately following.

Clint and I were blessed last month when a repairman suggested to Lowe's they purchase back our new dishwasher and allow us to pick out another model. When the repairman saw how many children were here, he had compassion for me and made the call to try to work something out on my behalf. We were given $670 for a broken dishwasher! They let us keep the dishwasher which we will repurpose. We received the dishwasher free as an insurance replacement for an old dishwasher we had in storage in our barn. The $89 extended four year warranty we purchased was worth every penny we paid for it! We have had it repaired four times to a tune of $400-600 each time. While we used Consumer Reports to pick out the dishwasher, it was later found to have a control panel defect. Clint and I figured we'd have to keep having it fixed every few months until the warranty ran out, but now, we can replace it and get a warranty on a new dishwasher. God provides!

Clint is much closer to his degree. He's not done bad for as seldom as he gets to work on it with his demanding full time job, part time job, parenting, ministry, and managing the needs of our home and farm.

Brandon is enjoying his job and has been able to add to his responsibilities there. His car began having some issues, so he is looking for a new one. His bird was attacked by a cat through the cage bars.

Amanda turns 19 tomorrow! She is enjoying college and working. She has a good possibility of moving into an assisted manager's position soon.

Our rule for our adult children living at home is that they must continue to improve themselves through college credits, CEs (Continuing Education credits), CLEP, skills certificates, community outreach, ministries, etc. Clint and I do not begrudge providing a roof over their heads and food in their bellies as long as they are making the most of the opportunity.

Joshua turned 14 and Bethany turned 10 on the 17th. We took them out for their birthdays and had a surprise party waiting on them when they got home.

Joshua skipped 8th grade and is enrolled in a state accredited high school course. He will receive a diploma that carries the same weight as a Virginia public school diploma while homeschooling. He could graduate as early as 15 or 16 years old. 

Before his appendectomy, Caleb was trying to catch a big bull frog he wants to overwinter indoors. While we have a lot of toads, we do not see too many frogs other than the green tree frogs. He is eager to start his high school courses, but isn't old enough yet. While Joshua CURRENTLY wants to be a doctor, Caleb wants to build. We are looking into apprenticeships that will build upon his natural talents. I am updating the blog as I can about Caleb's progress.

Bethany had a large, gaping hole tore into her forearm a couple of weeks ago. It was not something any parent wants to see on their child. I will share that story soon. She is OK, but will have a scar. She is looking forward to the fall and holiday baking season.

Emily and Hannah vary from being girly girls one moment and tomboys in the next. They might have a "princess dress up tea party" one moment and then be running around chasing their brothers with light sabers the next. The contrasts are often stark and hilarious! Sometimes they forget to take off their costumes, so I will see my princesses in their finery tearing across the yard with a war whoop! Their imagination is alive and well!

September was a difficult month for me for a few different reasons, but it's over, and I am pressing forward to do what God has set before me. 

If you are reading this, I am praying God will help you with whatever difficulties you are facing currently and am asking Him to bless your life. I hope things are going well for you and yours. Please give us a call or drop us a line soon. We like hearing from you too! (If you don't get a reply within a few days to a week, try forwarding to the same addy with or I found out Yahoo threw some good mail into our spam folder.)